Bendega Rato - Dining table setting with master bedroom in the background

The Dining

One of the great benefits of renting a villa is the option to relax and enjoy delicious food – Asian and western – prepared where and when you desire. Bendega Villas has a full-time chef and a cook who will delight villa guests with beautifully presented dishes – from roasted vegetable salads, to Balinese chicken curry, to nasi goreng (fried rice), to perfectly cooked steak and chips. The desserts are not to be missed either. The chef is happy to try out new dishes and even to share the kitchen – especially when guests are willing to share their favourite recipes! Bendega Villas also has its own pizza oven, which produces some wonderful gourmet pizzas to order.

Bendega Villas - Private chef

A suggestion menu is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Alternatively, menus can be designed in consultation with the chef and the villa manager. In this case, food and other supplies will be purchased by the chef and charged to guests at cost price plus 20%++ handling fee.

Wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks are also available on request and will be charged for at the end of your stay.

Please remember while the villa’s facilities and staff capabilities are of the highest quality, the villa’s kitchen cannot maintain the same inventory as a restaurant, so please discuss meals in advance (ideally 24 hours) to allow the chef and his team time to purchase and prepare for you.

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